Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Linky Dinks

This honestly is the most outrageous thing I have heard in a while.
Please someone put a muzzle on her.

Silent birth plan, phase one is now in effect.


Joy Behar shuts Star Jones DOWN! And it's about time.
Wilmer Valderrama is a total slimeball.

That a boy.


Poppy Moonean said...

Sharon-That is so moronic.

Katie-If they report that she was quiet and in control, they're full of shit.

Soderblom vs Sheridan-Sounds like someone is jelous.

Behar-It's about time someone told Star to SHUT UP!!!

Wilmer-Why would you?

Those poor poor seals.

D. Prince said...

I personally loved The View video clip.
I had to watch it over and over again. How delusional must Star Jones be to think that anyone would want to listen to her babble on about her boobs. Gross.