Friday, June 30, 2006

This is one of Those Times I'm Glad I'm not Famous

Courtney Cox and daughter.

The Kate Drop Off

Kate is just so cool, she's like such a rebel man.

Here she is dropping her daughter off at nursery school with her cigarettes and lighter hanging out of the pocket of her very short-shorts.

I wonder if she snorted a line off the teacher's desk.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Introducing Usama Bin Mohammed Bin Laden

A salesman faces trial for forging a labour card by pasting Hollywood actor Brad Pitt's photo on it and an Arabic name.

The 29-year-old Jordanian, T.H., said he did not know whose photo it was he had downloaded from the internet. The Dubai Public Prosecution charged him with forgery, using a fake document and trying to embezzle Dh82,600 from a money exchange house in collaboration with his brother H.H., who works there as a teller.

Via Just Jared

Tori Spelling's Mom is Mighty Pissed.

"We are deeply saddened that, during our time of loss and grief, we are forced to respond to the media frenzy caused by the mean-spirited and surprising comments made by Tori to the press, just two days after the passing of [AARON SPELLING]. As we try to honor his memory with love and respect, the sudden media frenzy she has created at this sensitive time is hurtful and very disturbing. Aaron's legacy deserved pure and unadulterated tribute and recognition which, sadly, has been tainted.
"Everyone deals with grief in a different way, and since Tori chose not to be here at that time, we believe she is having a harder time dealing with that loss. We understand how difficult it might have been for her to be here, and, perhaps, more difficult for her after she arrived. Aaron loved both his children with all his heart, and he understood how hard it was for her.
"We hope Aaron will be remembered with reverence and spirit for the monumental legacy he has left and not for the petty and tabloid headlines which have marred his articles of remembrance. We have mourned our great loss as a family and will continue to do so as that is what Aaron deserved."
Candy Spelling

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I just have to get this outfit for summer!
It just looks so comfortable.

The Body Language Just Screams PASSION!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mischa Barton Wears a Hat and an Afro

Britney Being a Bad Mother... Again

Oh, I forgot. She doesn't put him in a carseat because having him on her lap protects him from the paparazzi.

P.S. Spare me all of the "don't pick on Britney" crap.

Oh My God!

Look at the size comparison!

That is one honkin' gas nozzle and one tiny girl.

Photo via People Online

Dumb Luck For a Dumb Girl

Anna Nicole Smith is refusing to comment on the death of her courtroom advisary E. Pierce Marshall, who died last week after developing an aggressive infection.

The 38-year-old former model married billionaire J. Howard Marshall in 1994 when she was aged 26 and he was 89. His 1995 death triggered a decade-long legal battle between Smith and her stepson Pierce Marshall over the late oil tycoon's estate.

Despite press probes, Smith has refused to divulge how she will be pursuing her claim. A statement on her website reads: "I am aware that my late husband's son E. Pierce Marshall has died. The media has been contacting my attorneys in an attempt to get my reaction. Out of respect for his family's request for privacy, neither my attorneys nor I will be making any comments."
Only last month, the U.S. Supreme Court awarded Anna Nicole Smith the right to continue her legal battle in pursuit of her late husband's fortune. Pierce Marshall disputed Smith's claims her husband had intended to bequeath half his estate to her, insisting the $6 million worth of gifts she accumulated during the 14-month marriage was all she was entitled too.
Courtesy of Starpulse

Caption This Picture

Monday, June 26, 2006

The Masters of Comedy

This months Premiere Magazine Features The Masters of Comedy.

John Cleese = Master

Kevin Kline = Master

Steve Martin = Master

Bill Murray = Master

Cameron Diaz = Pardon?

Photos via ohnotheydidnt

A Charlie Chaplin hat-and-cane set sold for nearly $140,000 at auction on Sunday, setting a price record, according to a spokeswoman for Bonhams & Butterfields.
The $139,250 bid broke a record for the most ever paid for a Chaplin hat-and-cane set, of which there are several, said Bonhams spokeswoman Janelle Grigsby. She would not say who purchased the items.

Hasselhoff is "King of the Internet"

BAYWATCH legend David Hasselhoff is a World Wide Web wonder, according to a new poll.
Research has discovered the former TV lifeguard and star of classic 80s show Knight Rider features in more emails than any other male star, beating the likes of Brad Pitt and Robbie Williams.
Hoff said: "I'm delighted to be such a hit on the web and to be crowned king of the internet."

Via Sun Online

Sunday, June 25, 2006

They Look So Happy...

But then again, so did these couples.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Introducing Bobbi Kristina...

Bobby Brown & Whitney Houston's 13 year old daughter.

I see a Nobel Prize in her future.

Ok, that was really mean but you know...

Friday, June 23, 2006

Ashlee Simpson's Horrid Concert Wardrobe

TV Producer Aaron Spelling Dead at 83

Spelling died at his mansion in Los Angeles after suffering a stroke on June 18, according to publicist Kevin Sasaki.

Spelling's TV Series include:

Charlie's Angels
The Love Boat
Fantasy Island
Starsky & Hutch
T.J. Hooker
Hart to Hart
Melsrose Place
Beverly Hills 90210
The Mod Squad

As well as 140 made for tv movies.

Throughout his career, Spelling maintained the same image: the skinny frame, slightly hawkish face. He usually posed with a pipe in his mouth, a custom he adopted early after seeing stars with pipes in fan magazine photos.

Spelling and his second wife, Candy, had two children, Tori (for Victoria), who became a star on Beverly Hills 90210 ("Now I'm known as Tori Spelling's father," he said in mock lament), and Randy, who appeared in the short-lived "Malibu Shores."
Yahoo News

Migrane Break

I had the worst migrane of my life last night.
Still feeling sore and groggy. Taking the day off from posting.

Be back tonight (hopefully)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

'There's a sculpture in our bedroom, a solid brass replica of Antonio's manhood. It's very expensive, he gave it to me as a romantic gift.'

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Retro Reel

Holy Chest Bones ~ New Anorexic Alert

click to enlarge

Well it seems that Nicole Richie and Lara Flynn Boyle are getting a little better but Kate Bosworth seems to be getting much, much worse. Can you say Intervention?

photo via ohnotheydidnt

Brittany Murphy Denies She's Had Any Plastic Surgery

For some reason, I think she's lying.

The Coreys Do TV

Former teen heartthrobs Corey Feldman and Corey Haim have teamed with RDF USA ("Wife Swap") on "The Coreys," a hybrid improv comedy that would center on fictional versions of themselves a la "Curb Your Enthusiasm."
"The Coreys" picks up with Feldman living the comfortable suburban life with his wife Suzie and son, until circumstances bring his old pal Haim back into the picture. Episodes would follow Haim -- single and the total opposite of Feldman -- as he shakes life up for the Feldmans.

"Everyone feels like we know the Coreys," Goldman said. "They are, for all intents and purposes, brothers. One moment they're having knock-out fights, and the next moments they're hugging as if nothing had happened."
Feldman and Haim met on the set of "The Lost Boys" and appeared in several movies together, including "License to Drive," "Dream a Little Dream" and "Blown Away."


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday Night Links

Connie Chung loses her fucking mind.

A prime example of "takes one to know one."

The Pops have been popped.

Pitchfork Media Presents: 100 awesome music videos. Beware, this one is brutal.

Sharon Stone leaves her son asleep in the car while she eats at a restaurant again, this time in London.

Self-absorbed Gwyneth thinks Italy has nothing better to do than curse her.

Emma Watson aka Hermione Likes To PAR-TAY!

Who Knew?

100,000 loyal fans attended DukesFest, a two-day celebration of "The Dukes of Hazzard," the down-home comedy-adventure series that was broadcast on CBS from 1979 to 1985. The annual gathering (held this year on June 3 and 4) is an opportunity for viewers to mingle with the show's stars, trade memorabilia, dress in kitschy T-shirts or simply watch fireworks or eat pork products named for the show's corpulent villain, Boss Hogg. But among this crowd there is a smaller, more dedicated group for whom DukesFest is a kind of mystical calling, a sacred convocation for those who can find transcendence in an event as simple as a car leaping over a ditch.

Click here for rest of article.

These Two Need Some Kissing Lessons

Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy

I just threw up a little in my mouth.

Positively the Worst Outfit Ever!

These Pussycat Dolls should be put down like a sick old dawg.

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Hello, My Name is Diana and I'm a Poshaholic

I can't seem to be able to help myself. I've just found more pictures of Victoria Beckham that I must post. I'm hoping to get a handle on this unhealthy fixation very soon.

Please bare with me.

In these two pictures you will see some very short shorts. So short in fact she might as well be wearing bikini bottoms. But that's not all... if you enlarge the second photo I swear you can see a little bit of Hoo Hoo.

Just what every little kid wants to see when they look up at their mother.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday Night Links

Kate Moss trades in her drug addict for a sex addict.

John Cleese retires from performing.

The right and wrong way to deal with the paparazzi

Jewel is a lush.

Kate Beckinsale is pissed that there are bigger spoiled brats in Hollywood than her.

Afi's list of the 100 most inspiring films of all time.

Don't call Joaquin Phoenix Jo.

Slimeball's going to rehab.

Love Joins Amnesty International Campaign

Ex-Hole singer Courtney Love has joined a high profile Amnesty International campaign, which aims to raise awareness on human rights.

The widow of Nirvana legend Kurt Cobain agreed to take her place amongst 100 celebrities who were photographed holding signs displaying candid slogans such as 'Torture is Terror' and 'Stop Violence Against Women'.

The exhibition is taking place in Covent Garden, London until Tuesday.

Via ~ Digital Spy

I guess Courtney Love is against violence against women when she isn't commiting the violence.

I Guess There's No Need For a Bra With Those Implants

click to enlarge.

Retro Reel

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Paris Hilton Pretends to Know How to Spell Her Name

Jack Black's a Dad

That will be one interesting child.

Mary Kate & Ashley Are 20!

A little slideshow in the birthday girls honour.
Here's to actually reaching adulthood.

I will only annoy you all with this slideshow for a day, so don't worry.

The Raconteurs ~ Steady As She Goes

This is Jack White's side project ~ The Raconteurs new video.
Paul Ruebens, otherwise known to most as Pee Wee Herman, makes an awesome appearence as a pit boss in a Soap Box Challenge.

Now this is a rock video!

For more news on Paul Ruebens click here.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

60th Annual Tony Awards ~ Some Arrivals

Gayle King...

Who doesn't seem to miss any type of event. Why? I'll never know.

Alan Cumming & Cyndi Lauper who are starring in the Three Penny Opera on Broadway.
I think they're adorable.

Tyne Daly

As usual she looks like she just woke up.

Molly Ringwald

For future reference; don't choose a dress that is the exact same colour as your skin tone.