Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Has Heath Ledger Suffered Some Sort of Breakdown?

He looks like the friggin' Unibomber.


Maddie said...

Why do men do that? Do they not understand the only one who can get away with that is Johnny Depp?

Miss Litzi said...

Hi D. Prince,
Once again, three people who look like they just climbed out of bed and threw on the first articles of clothing they could find. Do you every wonder why celebrities with all their money dress so shoddily?

D. Prince said...

Maddie: I agree Johnny is the one man who can get away it.

Miss Litzi: I really do wonder about it, often.

Jen said...

All he needs is a
nascar shirt & a
camouflage baseball hat!!

D. Prince said...

Exactly Jen.

To me he looks like some poor dazed Amish farmer that these two ladies have dragged to a Hollywood garden party.