Thursday, January 04, 2007

Tori Spelling's Hideous Maternity Wear #5

And look, they want to torture their new baby with crocs.


MJ said...

A pox on crocs!

Pamer said...

God i wish they would banish Crocs forever

Anonymous said...

Hi D. Prince,
“Crocs” are great for yard work! I wear them all the time in the garden because I don’t have to worry about them becoming wet or muddy. But they’re a bit tacky for “street” wear and certainly not appropriate for a toddler just learning to walk.

Tori Spelling looks more and more like a throw back to the hippie style of the ‘60’s.

Annie Drogynous said...

You didn't mention anything about her hubby's shirt. I think he's having sympathy pains.

Well, she probably just gave away the sex of the baby 'cause you know if it was a girl she would have had her hands all over the pink ones!

Anonymous said...

Would I be an unbelievable tool if I said I think the shirt is cute?
I'm from Seattle, please consider that a fashion handicap. I do.

D. Prince said...

You are not uncool Qtilla. It's not one of Tori's most horrible outfits, I'll give her that. But she does have a way of turning anything she puts on into a don't.

I didn't mention the husbands shirt because I wanted to save that for you A.D. and you are absolutely right about the sympathy pains. Brilliant!

Miss Litzi: I agree if Crocs should be at all they should stay in the garden.