Sunday, February 25, 2007

Oscar Night

The show was a little dry and long as usual and those dancers were quite off putting but it was great to see Martin Scorsese finally win an Oscar.

Here are a few pictures that caught my eye.

Weirdest pose: Jodie Foster

Best Dressed: Penelope Cruz

Worst Dressed By Far! (enlarge for full effect)

Best Speech: Forest Whitaker

That's all I have the energy for. I'm exhausted!


Mrs. Gamely said...

I just finished typing my notes out, whew! I loved Forest W.'s speech, too, and Mr. Marconi's in Italian (?) - it was so much fun watching the audience's various expressions in response to not hearing English, especially Kate Winslet's.

I liked Helen Mirren's dress best, but Penelope was picture perfect. (unlike your first subject, here)(and I thought JF was always so dignified!)

Annie Drogynous said...

I'm not so big on Penelope Cruz's taste in dresses. I would have said either Cate Blanchett or Helen Mirren.

It certainly wasn't Ellen Degeneres, that's for sure!

D. Prince said...

At least Ellen stayed true to form. It would be weird to see her in an "Oscar gown" after seeing her in pant suits for 15 years.

MJ said...

These 3 should co-host next year's Awards...

Jack Black, John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell.

prunella jones said...

Those a great suggestions MJ. I'd love to see Stephan Cobert host. He's so funny I want to have his babies.

D. Prince said...

I loved the bit with the three of them.

Pru and Stephan having babies!
God help us (In a good way of course)

b13 said...

Kirsten looked like she was trying to go back to her Interview roots.