Tuesday, February 27, 2007

This Picture of Keira Knightley Reminds Me of...

remember the movie E.T?

Remember when E.T. was found in that freezing creak?
All cold, pale, pasty white and as close to death as anything could be.

That is who Keira Knightley reminds me of in this picture.


Anonymous said...

English girl living in London is pale in February? No! It couldn't possibly be!

I think she's to be applauded for ignoring assholes like you and daring to go outside without make-up or a fake tan. Or resorting to a tanning bed.

She looks lovely, although somewhat pissed off with the paps. Like in this picture taken yesterday:

MC said...

wow... push forward a little bit on the stick anon.

You'll stall out if you continue on this heading with your nose so high in the air.

Anonymous said...

It's the stench coming from the gutter that forces me to keep my nose as high as possible.

D. Prince said...

All I can say is: You have changed me anonymous. I'm am now ashamed to have posted an unflattering photo of Keira Knightley and making fun of it.

I am a horiible, no good, filthy person. I think I need to delete this blog and check myself into rehab, maybe I can get help for this disgusting celebrity bashing illness.

They are beautiful and good and I am ugly and bad.

Thank You.

prunella jones said...

While you're in rehab D. could you get me the real scoop on Britney? Thanks babe.

Hey anon- did the aliens forget to remove your anal probe? It's not our fault Keira looks like she's been locked in a dark attic with no food for a week.

Burbanked said...


oh. never mind.

Hey, Anon - the next time you're defending a "lovely" celebrity who should be "applauded" for (hee hee hee) "going outside", perhaps you should link to a picture that is, you know, actually "lovely". Just a thought.

Oh, and lighten the eff up.

MJ said...

Shouldn't Courtney Love be carrying the "I Am Not A Plastic Bag" bag?

Have I said a bad thing?

Slap me.

WV: ETwymaij

Miss Litzi said...

Hi D. Prince,
Whoa! Are the cats hissing on the back fence or is my hearing amiss? Keira Knightley reminds me of Calista Flockhart, of “I don’t have an eating disorder” fame. What “anonymous” doesn’t seem to understand is that when you’re a celebrity, you’re “fair game” for the applause and kudos as well as the bashing and snide comments that are bound to come. It’s the price of notoriety….

Have you noticed that the nastiest and inanest comments seem to come from “anonymous” bloggers? I’ve learned to either have the cojones to express exactly what I want or keep quiet.

Miss Litzi said...

Aha! I just had an epiphany; annie-ominous is irate because we weren’t dissing one of our own but one of “hers”.

Mrs Dalloway said...

Ms D.
Have you seen Brit in rehab?? Relapse please.....
analnonymous--I don't blame you for keeping your nose on the top of your head while wading thru the gutter- dumpster diving is not a crime babe. Can I rename you Chucky??
As for Keira, maybe she's reheasing for King Arthur Part 2 w/ Clive and they re-cememnted her in the dungeon??

Mrs. Gamely said...

we read these comments from my home office, so I personally saw through the tears of merry mirth in my own eyes, d.prince laugh so hard she ended up in the hallway - and then we read them all over again and laughed some more.

really, you have to be the funniest most incisive commenters around - and you know how to be righteous when righteous is called for!

D. Prince said...


ariadneK, Ph.D. said...

This is just NOT attractive!!!