Thursday, March 15, 2007

I Smell A Slide Show

I've missed a lot while I was down so I'm going to play a little catch up.

That is one happy family.
Aretha Franklin scares me.
Ouch! talk about mixing patterns.
Eddie Eddie Eddie.
I guess even Hobbits have balls.
We might have a new star of the hideous maternity wear feature.
I swear Marc Anthony has been dead for months and J.Lo just props him up for events.
One last photo of Tori pregnant. I'm going to miss them.
Selma's pregnant and marrying this guy?
The only hotel I have ever stayed at in Vegas is no longer.
Three's Company turns 30!


prunella jones said...


Mrs. G said...

"even Hobbits have balls" HAHAHAHA

oh, I laughed, I cried, parts of the show made me sick - in a wonderful wonderful way.

Miss Litzi said...

Hi D. Prince,
I’m glad someone’s finally mentioned Eddie Van Halen! I saw this photo on Yahoo the other day and thought it was a crotchety old woman. It’s hard to believe he’s only 52 years old. It looks like all the years of partying have finally caught up with him and then some.

I hope the rehab helps...

D. Prince said...

I know! He seemd to deteriorate quit quickly.

Miss Litzi said...

Hi D. Prince,
Perhaps the alcohol preserved or “pickled” him (like being stored in formaldehyde) for years until it all caught up with him. He looks like he’s 72 in the pictures that are floating around on the Internet.