Friday, March 02, 2007

Oh My God! Tori Spelling Has a Blog

And it's called Tori and Dean In Love!
There's even a post called Poo is funny sometimes.

I smell a new feature.


Chelly said...

I can see you rubbing your hands together and grinning mischieviously. You go girl!

Mrs. Gamely said...

Yay, Tori came through!

Mrs. Gamely said...

Uh-oh, she's talking about poo already, and the baby hasn't arrived yet.,,

Miss Litzi said...

Hi D. Prince,
Are they trying to be a modern day version of “Ozzie and Harriet” or “The Brady Bunch”?

Mercurie said...

All I can ask is, "Why?" (-:

Gertrude McFuzz said...

It gets worse, oh my dear, it gets worse - did you READ that particular post? I always had kind of a soft spot for Tori, and the pictures of her man always made my creep-o-meter go off, which made me feel sorry for her. However, maybe 6 sentences down in the post, (where I clicked out), she describes herself as a "poo fanatic", and I'm not making that up.