Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Jail Bird Wants a Pardon

Paris Hilton is now appealing to Arnold Schwarzenegger for a pardon.
What a sentence!

She has a petition on her My Space page asking for support.

Just do your time and get it over with honey.
We can't wait.


b13 said...

oh, I see it off in the distance... It's getting closer.. I can hear it.. can you?... It's the WAAAAAA-MBULANCE!

Prunella Jones said...

Actually I'd rather see her picking up trash on the side of the road. Jail is too easy. You know she'll get her own private cell and bribe the guards to get what she wants.

Miss Litzi said...

Hi D. Prince,
What I’ve been picturing is a guard handing Paris a toilet brush and telling her to get busy…and she’s totally clueless what to do with it. Maybe an over-sized toothbrush for her large mouth?

D. Prince said...

I agree with Prunella, I'd rather see some public humiliation in the form of an orange jumpsuit on the side of the road.

MC said...

I was watching Countdown and there is a story that Arnie's Press Secretary laughed when asked about a pardon for Hilton(as pardons are only given in "extraordinary circumstances")

D. Prince said...