Friday, May 11, 2007

Road Trip

Going on a wee road trip with Mrs. G.
I'll be back to posting on Monday.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.


MJ said...

You'll be the queens of the road.

Have a great time!

Chelly said...

Sounds lovely. Have a good one and Happy Mother's Day!! xoxo

Jacqueline said...

Hey! Where's the CN tower on your map? Dontcha want to come visit me in Toronto?

But have a great time anyway.

Battlerocker said...

Hope you enjoyed the trip!

b13 said...

What happened to the Monday post?

D. Prince said...

Cause I'm full of shit ok???

Just kidding. Had a great time, the weather was perfect, satellite radio was a blast and I even got to meet one of my one of my idols!

I'm still buzzing.