Saturday, July 28, 2007

Sheryl Crow Finally Gets a Baby

Hmmmmm... he looks very happy.


Anonymous said...

Gimme a break. Babies cry.
His ears are well protected.
If she were to leave him with the nanny for fifteen minutes, there'd be howls of "oh she's on stage and she has a three-month old baby, she should be with him instead".
She can't win.

Mrs. G said...

These singers/actors/celebs have other women raising their kids while they carry on their careers unobstructed AND get praised for being "mothers" into the bargain.

which means that those of us on the front lines of mothering get to poke fun at them and feel morally superior.

GimME a break, funsucker.

sir jorge said...

haha, this had me really laughing out loud

D. Prince said...

Thank you Mrs. G, I thought I might get some heat for that one. I do feel a little morally superior, I can because I did it myself. And excuse me anonymous but I really thing a 3 month old baby would prefer not to be back stage at Mommy's show with the nanny.