Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Favourite Movies A to Z ~ Comedy or Musical Editon

I had to do it by genre or it would have been impossible.

A) Annie Hall

B) The Big Lebowski

C) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

D) Dirty Rotten Scoundrals

E) Elf

F) A Fish Called Wanda

G) Galaxy Quest

H) Hedwig and the Angry Inch

I) The Incredibles

J) The Jerk

K) Kung Fu Hustle

L) The Life Aquatic

M) Midnight Run

N) Napoleon Dynamite

O) Ocean's Eleven

P) The Princess Bride

Q) Queen of Outer Space

R) Rushmore

S) Stir Crazy

T) Trading Places

U) Up In Smoke

V) Valley Girl

W) Working Girl

X) Xanadu

Y) The Year Without a Santa Claus

Z) Zero Effect


Jeff said...

I love "Galaxy Quest" - first time I saw it, I was on a cross country flight from NY to SF watching on a portable DVD player, and practically had to stuff my sweater in my mouth to keep from laughing out loud.

And "Midnight Run" - can't watch it on TV, though...the swearing is half the fun.

MJ said...

The Big Lebowski!

Especially when John Turturro licks the bowling ball.

Mrs. G said...

Even though Hedwig's my alltime favourite movie, my favourite line/part of any movie ever is from Galaxy Quest (when the teenager says "oh, I knew it!"). The most memorable lines have become part of the family lexicon.

Which reminds me, I still have your Scene It game! What a lowlife, huh?

Queen of Outer Space? Now, how did that one slip by me? sounds like a killer B

D. Prince said...

Jeff: Galaxy Quest is a classic Mrs. G turned me onto. I can't believe I didn't pick up on it sooner and I couldn't agree more about Midnight Run, the swearing is a must.

MJ: Classic scene and outfit!

Mrs G: Don't worry about the Scene It game, I only play at Christmas time and KICK ASS I might add.

Otis said...

There are an awful lot of good movies that start with s but I love your pick of Stir Crazy. Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor at their absolute best.

I need to buy that on DVD.

D. Prince said...

I got it last Christmas and it's even funnier now. So true about good ones starting with S. If I could have added a few more they would've been:

Sixteen Candles
Strange Brew
Shanghai Noon
School of Rock
Showgirls (just kidding)

What about you?

Otis said...

Silence of the Lambs
Spinal Tap
Spiderman 2
Schindler's List
Sin City

All great movies in my book. Snatch and Silence of the Lambs are two in my top ten of all-time.

D. Prince said...

Comedy or Musical!

But they are all great, Silence of the Lambs is perfection from start to finish.