Saturday, September 29, 2007

David Letterman Sticks It To Paris Hilton

I fucking love it!


MC said...

*slow clap*

Dave, that's why you are a modern master of the talk show format. You go for the throat sometimes.

D. Prince said...

Unfortunately, it's so rare.

Mrs. G said...

Nice to see Dave back in form; I stopped watching when he got nice there for awhile.

D. Prince said...

I hear ya. There's only so much "you look great, you smell great too" I can watch.

raymond pert said...

I love how Paris keeps looking to the wings for someone to rescue her.

Was the concept of vapid ever so thoroughly embodied in one person as in Paris Hilton.

So glad to know she is stronger and can survive anything (except talking about her jail time).

Jacqueline said...

give the girl some cake.

Seriously, that is not an attractive weight...she looks like she's starving.