Monday, September 29, 2008

What The Fuck Is She So Cranky About?

If any one should be flippin' the bird and looking like a crab apple it should be me!

I have major shit going down at work.
I have never been so busy and overwhelmed in my life (ok, I might be exaggerating)
I'm freaking out because of the upcoming elections in both of our countries.

And today while watching my son's playoff game, I got a soccer ball in the face. Full force right in the nose.

So Suck It Kirstie!


Miss Alex said...

Oh you poor thing... :(

I feel you on the finger thing.

Annie said...

sorry about your pain. ow.

and...i can relate to kirstie's mood.
that's quite a defiant bird she is flipping.

David Wornica said...

She just got her bill from Jenny.

Prunella Jones said...

Poor girl, we need to get you hooked up to the e-meter STAT! It worked well for Kirstie.

Naomi said...

sorry about your nose, yeouch. and I can totally relate to the shit going down at work because such a huge portion landed on ME!

I just wish I could make that Kirstie face AND flip the bird. telling people to f-off is hard when you're only 5 feet tall and have pale eyebrows. sigh.

Just Dave said...

I think that Kirstie might be cranky because she is a has-been slob who never had much talent to begin with and who producers now completely ignore since no one is interested in seeing her naked, which she won't do anyway.

Sorry about your troubles. Hope they get better. I know some good personal injusry attorneys if you want to sue that soccer kid.

alamodestuff said...

Yeah, and I bet you're not going around flipping people off!

Tomorrow will be better...for you...maybe not for Kirstie.

Christopher McCombs said...

Hey! Isn't this that girl from the movie "Problem Child"?

Hahaha funny picture anyway :D