Sunday, December 28, 2008

Bulletproof Bracelets ~ Obituaries 2008

Brad Renfro, 25, actor, heroin overdose.
Heath Ledger, 28, actor, accidental prescription drug overdose.
Sir Edmund Hillary, 88, mountaineer, heart failure.
Roy Scheider, 75, actor, staph infection.
Jeff Healey, 41, musician, cancer.
Anthony Minghella, 54, director, post-surgery hemorrhage.
Charlton Heston, 84, actor, pneumonia.
Sydney Pollack, 73, director, stomach cancer.
Harvey Korman, 81, actor comedian, aneurysm.
Yves Saint Laurent, 71, fashion designer, brain cancer.
Bo Diddley, 79, blues musician, heart failure.
Tim Russert, 58, journalist, coronary thrombosis.
George Carlin, 71, actor comedian, heart failure.
Jesse Helms, 86. polititian, natural causes.
Olive Riley, 108, world's oldest blogger, natural causes.
Estelle Getty, 84, actress, lewy body dementia.
Randy Pausch, 47, author professor, pancreatic cancer.
Bernie Mac, 50, actor comedian, pneumonia.
Isaac Hayes, 65, musician, stroke.
Paul Newman, 83, actor philanthropist, lung cancer.
Dee Dee Warwick, 63, singer, long illness.
Merl Saunders, 74, musician, stroke.
Michael Crichton, 66, writer, throat cancer.
Mitch Mitchell, 61, drummer, natural causes.
Sunny von Bulow, 76, heiress, cardiopulmoary arrest.
Bettie Paige, 85, pin-up model, heart attack.
Eartha Kitt, 81, singer actress, colon cancer.
Robert Graham, 70, sculptor, long illness.


Fenway said...

Ya gotta love The List.

It really helps me play the Croak of the Year Contest. We go for shock and awe + impact on the world.

Who's your's?

Prunella Jones said...

I will really miss George Carlin. Loved him.

D. Prince said...

I was just about to say George Carlin FOR SURE! Paul Newman was another person who made a huge impact.

Just Dave said...

One more for the list - Majel Barrett, widow of Gene Roddenberry of Star Trek fame. She played Nurse Christine Chapel on the original series. She died December 18 from complications from leukemia.

Annie said...

carlin hurts the most. will miss his
much-needed alternate takes on life.

D. Prince said...

Duely noted Just Dave.
I so agree Annie.

Miss Alex said...

Know what I love about you? that you posts address death. you're really amazing.

WavyDavy said...

How about the one with least impact on the world - Sunny von Bulow. Wouldn't it suck to be on that list and hav your major accomplishment listed as "heiress"?