Monday, February 23, 2009

Some Random Oscar Thoughts

I thought Hugh Jackman did a good job.

The new format took me a while to get used to but I did like how the acting awards were presented. Although, at first it seemed like Tilda Swinton was welcoming a new alien to the Mothership. Thank God she wore makeup this year.

This was the scariest face of the night by far.

Loved Dustin Lance Black's speech.

Queen Latifah sounded amazing. I almost forgot that she could sing. I didn't love her whole "to you at home they were images on a screen but to us they were friends and colleagues" crap. We know, we know, we're the little people.

Goldie! Your spaghetti strap days are over! How many more years are you gonna try and squeeze those babies in? They were coming out the top and sides!

Sophia, I know you're a legend but you scare me.

I want Shirley MacLaine to present me with my Oscar.

Very happy for Kate Winslet and I loved the Dad whistle.

Worst Dresses

Worst Hair

Best Dresses

Michael Douglas definitely had some fresh work done.

Who knew that domo arigoto Mr. Roboto was going to be the best line of the night.

Woo Hoo for Sean Pean, loved his speech. Robin Wright seems to be getting more beautiful every year.

Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer looking like they're on their way to the prom.

Boy did Heath Ledger ever look like his Dad. He deserved the win and I'm glad he got it. I was a little disturbed that they kept the Joker picture up (which was as big as a football field) there the whole time his family was speaking, I know it's the character he won for but still...

And that's all folks!


Just Dave said...

I spent the whole show waiting in agonizing supense to see what a fool Mickey Rourke was going to make of himself with his acceptance speech and then he didn't win. Drat. I thought the show was well-done and it didn't run on and on forever. I am also very glad that they didn't enforce the time limit on Heath Ledger's family. Can you imagine them being "played off" while eulogizing their son?

D. Prince said...

I got a little nervous when I noticed each of them holding a piece of paper. I was happy they were given time. I don't know if I could have been as composed.

I liked Mickey Rourke's speeches at The Golden Globes and The Spirit Awards but I felt like I'd heard enough from him.

Regal said...

I waited until the end to see Mickey win too...the underdog.
I loved the format they did this year where the 5 past winners presented to the 5 nominees. It was special and made it very emotional.
Nice change. Hugh did a nice job.
I was a wreck when Jen Aniston was onstage in front of Brangelina.
Team Aniston!

Anonymous said...

Rina better get some Prep H on that fast!

D. Prince said...

I really can't stand the 3 of them. I wish they'd take their drama and stick it up their asses.

MJ said...

Tilda was wearing makeup?

I loved Sophia lording it over the others with her hand on her hip.

Miss Alex said...

Hahah for Jen anniston and the prom