Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Yeah, He Looks Very Sorry


Regal said...


Anonymous said...

Latest rumours have him and Rihanna secretly married - at least according to Star magazine

Litzi said...

The L.A. County District Attorney has received the Chris Brown case from the LAPD.

No decision will be made today (March 4th). It is under review.

Brown was arrested for allegedly making criminal threats. Sources say the D.A. will review that allegation as well as felony domestic battery.

Brown is scheduled to make an appearance in court tomorrow (March 5th). It will be interesting to see if the D.A. files charges tomorrow and if Brown is arraigned. If that happens, it will be especially interesting if Rihanna shows up with him.

Prunella Jones said...

Is he threatening us? Look at him raising his fist at our faces! What a tough guy.