Monday, December 28, 2009

Bulletproof Bracelets ~ Obituaries 2009

Dennis Brutus 85, anti-Apartheid activist, poet, prostate cancer.
Yves Rocher 79, (Rocher cosmetics) cause of death undisclosed.
Percy Sutton 89, civil rights activist, attorney for Malcolm X.
Esther Chavez 76, Mexican women's rights activist, cancer.
Vic Chesnutt 45, musician, muscle relaxant overdose.
Brittany Murphy 32, actress, cardiac arrest.
Alaina Reed Hall 63, actress (Sesame Street) breast cancer.
Chris Henry 26, football player, car accident.
Roy E. Disney 79, entertainment executive, stomach cancer.
Maggie Jones 75, actress (Coronation Street) long illness.
Daul Kim 20, model, suicide.
Jerry Fuchs 34, drummer, fall.
Susan Atkins 61, mason family member, brain cancer.
David Arneson 61, dungeons and dragons creator, cancer.
Mary Travers 72, folk singer, leukemia.
Patrick Swayze 57, actor, pancreatic cancer.
Jim Carrol 60, author, heart attack.
Adam Goldstein 36, DJ, drug overdose.
Dominick Dunne 83, writer, bladder cancer.
Ted Kennedy 77, politician, brain cancer.
Don Hewitt 86, television producer, pancreatic cancer.
Les Paul 94, guitarist/inventor, pneumonia.
Eunice Kennedy Shriver 88, activist, natural causes.
Andy Kessler 48, pro skateboarder, wasp sting.
Frank Borth 91, comic book artist, natural causes.
John Hughes 59, director/screen writer/producer, heart attack.
Frank McCourt 78, author, melanoma.
Walter Cronkite 92, journalist, cerebrovascular disease.
Martin Streek 45, DJ, suicide.
Karl Malden 97, actor (Streets of San Francisco) natural causes.
Billy Mays 50, television pitch man, cause of death undetermined.
Farrah Fawcett 62, actress, cancer.
Michael Jackson 50, propofol intoxication.
Ed McMahon 86, television host, long illness.
Bea Arthur 86, actress, cancer.
IZ the Wiz 50, graffiti artist, heart attack.
David Carradine 72, actor/director, hanged.
Danny Gans 52, entertainer, died in sleep.
Millvina Dean 97, last living passenger aboard The Titanic, pneumonia.
James Whitmore 87, actor, lung cancer.
Arthur Erickson 84, architect, natural causes.
Dom DeLuise 75, actor/comedian, kidney failure.
Marilyn Chambers 56, actress, heart disease.
Shane McConkey 39, extreme skier, base jumping accident.
Jade Goody 27, british television personality, cervical cancer.
Natasha Richardson 45, actress, epidural hematoma.
Ron Silver 62, actor, esophageal cancer.
Wendy Richard 65, actress (EastEnders) breast cancer.
Lux Interior 62, singer/song writer/musician, heart condition.
Richardo Montalban 88, actor, heart failure.

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