Thursday, February 04, 2010

Lady Gaga ~ Blah Blah

I know this picture of Lady Gaga at The Grammy's has been everywhere this week but seriously. Look at the poor guy sitting behind her and 10 rows back for that matter.

Call me old fashioned or a fuddy duddy but if you want to wear a headdress like this, you can sit in the back row!


nata_t said...

It's like the fortress of solitude ontop of her head. That woman looks ridiculous everytime I see her.

D. Prince said...

Natasha! Thanks for stopping by.

Fortress of solitude! That's exactly what it is. I just don't get her, she's tries WAY too hard.

Miss Alex said...

I wish I had this outfit. Id wear it to a movie in NYC cause I hate everyone in NY at the movies. It would be my payback