Friday, July 21, 2006

Blog Drama

Maddie from Ridicluelessness got her first hatemail this week and it seems that I have had my first "incident of blog weirdness" today. So far I've been pretty lucky I have never even been left a rude comment. The honeymoon is officially over.

So, I get home from work today and notice a couple comments on my blog that don't really make a lot of sense. I follow my site meter to where the comments are coming from and much to my dismay it appears that someone left a comment on someone else's blog speaking on behalf of"Bullet Poof Bracelets" (I kid you not, they didn't even spell it right) they basically accused this other person of ripping off the last two posts of mine. Anyone can clearly see that this isn't the case as the other person even posted before I did. Plus, I think 1.3 million blogs have posted the Carson Daly and Paula Abdul pictures (they were hard to resist)

The person accused was none to happy and who could blame them. So they proceeded to tell this busy-body where to stick it.

I left a comment under this exchange explaining that I didn't know who this person who made the accusation was and I would appreciate it if whoever they were that they wouldn't speak on my behalf etc. I also noted that I felt it was a frustrating situation that I'd nothing to do with.
I honestly thought that would be the end of it.

It then turns out this weird person who started all of this shit went back and left another comment dissing this poor person's blog, spouting off like an idiot, being extremely rude and they made it sound as if it were coming from me! Nobody mentioned anything about the explanation I had left, they all just dove in with the antagonizer. Back and forth, back and forth.

I am not confrontational in the least. And what's ironic is, I've had posts ripped off verbatim in the past and I didn't get into an argument about it. Now a person goes to someone else's blog starts shit that has nothing to do with me or this other person and now I'm in a fight about it.

Oh and of course this persons loyal readers aren't too happy either. They're coming here to report back about how much my blog sucks, my name sucks, I suck.

My poor blog, she never hurt anyone (except a few fragile celebrities) and now she is tainted.


Maddie said...

Don't sweat this shit Diana...losers with nothing to do.

D. Prince said...

I guess you're right Maddie.
People love conflict.

Poppymoonean said...

It sounds like someone has nothing better to do with their time than to cause trouble.

prunella jones said...

So weird. There are alot of loonies out there. Most of the comments I've read over at dlisted are all a bunch of tiresome infighting totally off topic of the post which I hate. It ruins the comments. I guess the best thing to do is ignore and hit delete.

Annie Drogynous said...

I agree with Poppy.

Chelly said...

Don't worry, D.P your loyal readers know what's what, and we'll stick with you babes! :)

Anonymous said...

Did I get this straight? So, first of all somebody leaves accusatory comments on another blog using your url, basically claiming to be you; you go and rightfully deny the comment - while logically pointing out the absurdity of the original accusation (even if you were seeking conflict, you'd be intelligent about it, unlike your imposter) and now readers of that blog actually think that there is just one person involved, what? - pretending to be two people? Sybil of the blogsphere? (one of whom can't spell her own blog's name?)

Well, you just keep on keeping on, because - ESPECIALLY considering that celebrity photos are so ubiquitous - your voice is unique and special and funny!

Leisa said...

That's bizarre. People are lame. I had to put word verification on my blog to stop people telling me what a piece of shit I am. If you don't like what you see, move along people. It's just that easy. I'm sticking around, no matter what.

Jamie Marie said...

There are some real nutcases in this world. Pay no attention to them Diana. They're not worth the trouble.

D. Prince said...

Thanks you guys, I now know who started this trouble so that solves one part of the mystery. I'm not going to worry about his mess anymore as it never had anything to do with me in the first place and I've done all I can do to figure it out.

So Thanks again for your support and kind words. I appreciate them.

Now back to mindless Hollywood gossip blogging.