Friday, December 29, 2006

Bulletproof Bracelets ~ Obituaries 2006

Shelley Winters 85, actress, heart failure.
Chris Penn 40, actor, multiple medication intake.
Coretta Scott King 78, civil rights leader, ovarian cancer.
Al Lewis 82, actor (Grandpa Munster), natural causes.
Betty Friedan 85, feminist & writer, heart failure.
Bruce Hart 68, lyricist for Sesame Street, lung cancer.
Don Knotts 81, actor, lung cancer.
Jack Wild 53, actor (H.R. Pufnstuf) oral cancer.
Dana Reeve 45, activist, lung cancer.
Syd Barrett, 60, founding member of Pink Floyd, cancer.
Desmond Dekker 64, Jamaican ska pioneer, heart attack.
Alex Troth 77, comic book artist & cartoonist, natural causes.
Paul Gleason 67, character actor, mesothelioma.
Aaron Spelling 83, television producer, stroke.
George Kashdan 78, editor of DC Comics, natural causes.
Red Buttons 87, comedian, vascaular disease.
Bruno Kirby 57, actor, leukemia.
Jennifer Moss 61, actress (Coronation Street)
Frances Bergen 84, actress, died after lengthy illness.
Wilson Pickett 64, musician, heart attack.
Peter Benchley 65, author (Jaws, The Deep) lung disease.
Darren McGavin 83, actor, natural causes.
Maureen Stapleton 80, actress, natural causes.
Billy Preston 60, musician, died of kidney failure.
Robert Donner 75, character actor, heart attack.
Jack Warden 85, actor, died after a lengthy illness.
Joe Rosenthal 94, photographer, natural causes.
Steve Irwin 44, conservationist, stingray barb to the heart.
Robert Earl Jones 96, actor, natural causes.
Francais Tullis 70, mother of Rusty (MASK) motorcycle accident.
Freddy Fender 69, musician, lung cancer.
Sandy West 47, cofounder of The Runaways, lung cancer.
Adrienne Shelly 40, actress, murdered.
Ed Bradley 65, journalist, leukemia.
Jack Palance 87, actor, natural causes.
Robert Altman 81, director, leukemia.

Peter Boyle 71, actor, blood cancer.
Mike Evans 57, actor, throat cancer.
Joseph Barbera 95, producer/animator, natural causes.
James Brown 73, musician, pneumonia.
Gerald R. Ford 93, 38th President of the U.S, natural causes.


Anonymous said...

Hi D. Prince,
Until you see a list of all the famous/noteworthy people who passed away this year, it doesn’t seem possible that there were so many. It’s so easy to forget the names as they merge into one another and times goes on…..

Thanks for this somewhat macabre post today. It’s an excellent reminder of just how fleeting our time on earth is.

Happy New Year!

D. Prince said...

Thank Miss Litzi and Happy New Year to you too.

I had the same thought as I was compiling the list. I even left off quite a few names as it was past 2 am and I was falling asleep.

Regal said...

Thanks for putting them all in print - may they all rest in peace.

prunella jones said...

I didn't know Shelly Winters died. I loved reading her memoires. What a life!

D. Prince said...

I loved her too.

She had a brain and a mouth and she used them both.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say I found this list a trifle depressing, but then I looked at Tara's dimply ass in the previous post, and all of a sudden the list took on a cheerier note! EGADS! Let's see, I think "multiple medication intake" looks like the most fun, I'm gonna add that to the instructions to my children: when mama gets really old and motheaten and smelly, give her MULTIPLE MEDICATIONS (wheee!) and THEN put her out in the backyard in the winter...