Thursday, December 28, 2006

For The Love of Everything Holy!

Tara PLEASE invest in a two-piece.


Pamer said...


I thought she got that all fixed up and btw doesn't she have people to tell her "maybe you should cover up darlin'"

Anonymous said...

Hi D. Prince,
She probably does have someone telling her “to cover up, darlin” but doesn’t give any credence to the advice. If this is a “before” picture, where’s the “after”?

D.Prince said...

Franken-Hooker! I love it!

Can Tara Reid even afford handlers?

Regal said...


Anonymous said...

Tara looks like a wax dummy that's been in the heat too long.

MJ said...

Franken-Hooker... haaaaaaaaaaa!!!
Nice one, Pamer.